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Why and How to Use Online Video for Marketing?

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Why and How to Use Online Video for Marketing?

If you have not yet used the medium of online video as your marketing tool – delay no further.

Anybody and everybody – whether individuals or businesses are sending out their word through video content on the internet. You will lag behind if you are not able to explore and utilize this medium efficiently. Lack of knowledge or personal inhibitions could be holding you back. You need to get over these and jump onto the online video bandwagon now to stay in the game or go ahead of others.

The staggering numbers which have come up through various important surveys have shown the effect of online video on viewers and consumers. YouTube has become so popular that it ranks second after Google as the most visited website. This is the most preferred medium at present and the trend will continue to grow exponentially. More than 50% of consumers prefer to get information about products and services through online videos. It has been predicted that by the year 2022, about 85% of all consumer related content will be through the medium of videos.

Online videos have grabbed the attention of the users in a huge way and marketers are using this to their fullest advantage. Communicating to the prospective consumer through videos is more direct and personal and hence the result is more productive. It has been proven that sales of products marketed through online videos have gone up significantly.

How to Start Your Online Video Marketing Process

  • You can record your video on your phone using a tripod.
  • Take care to shoot in front of an interesting background with good lighting
  • Talk as if you are conversing with one single customer in front of you
  • Be clear and precise about what you say – do not make it monotonous
  • Arouse the interest and curiosity of the viewer
  • Get information and tips on how to edit and publish your video online
  • You can get helpful tips by watching popular videos in related fields by experienced people
  • Publish your video on as many social media platforms as possible

By following these basic steps, you can start your marketing through online videos. As you get to see positive results and feedback, you can hone your recording and publishing skills. You will be well on your way to seeing a surge in the interest about your products and bigger sales.