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How to Rework Your Pool of Existing Leads?

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How to Rework Your Pool of Existing Leads

Numerous leads are generated every day constantly. You obviously try your best to maximize the number of leads that you can follow up. Butthere would be many leads which could not be reached or went cold after the first contact or you simply could not follow up all of them. Some of these leads have the potential to turn into closed deals.

Pointers to Help You Revive Aged Leads and Use Them Effectively

  • Dig up the database for aged or sunken leads and make a workable list. A search through your CRM will throw up the leads which have good prospects and which for some reason had not been worked on. An e-mail with a short message could help to start the process. Leads which show more activity could be given a call for a more personal touch.
  • Weed out totally dead leads. You should at the same time delete those leads from the system which have not shown any interest or response in the last six months or more. It would be a waste of resources and also irritate the client to the effect that it could ruin your future chances of doing business with that person.
  • Set up a periodic email delivery process. Once you have identified the leads to revive, you can send them a few emails at periodic intervals to know their current interest and requirement. A set of three emails sent within a few days is a good way to do this. The emails should be strategic in their approach – should make the client realize their need and at the same time establish your expertise for fulfilling that requirement.
  • Write a fresh email. You should send fresh emails this time and not use the same ones which you have been using. Make the email more relevant to the present conditions to make it more attractive to prospective customers.

  • Adding to your database. While you are reviving your old leads, you should keep on restocking your leads database regularly. While buying aged leads, you should make sure they are not more than 90 days old otherwise it could be a wastage of your time and energy trying to reconnect with totally unproductive leads.