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How to Help Clients To Take a Decision?

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How to Help Clients To Take a Decision?

There can be no debate about the fact that insurance products are complicated – difficult to understand. When an insurance sales person presents all the options before a prospective client, he or she is sure to get confused. Most of us don’t understand the terms clearly and with so many variations, decision-making becomes very tough.

You as an insurance seller can make things a little easier for your prospective client to arrive at a decision as to which policy is best for him – which one should he buy. Three simple points if adopted by you during your discussion can remove the dilemma of the potential buyer and also save your resources.

Less Number of Options

When you are given too many choices you are bound to get confused and take a long time to take your pick – some people find it impossible to decide in such situations. Reducing the options to two will make things a lot easier. This is true for many situations in life. Suppose you go to a store to buy a shirt and cannot make a choice. If you tell the sales person your specifications, size, color, style etc. – he or she can present two options. You can pick the one you like more between the two – it becomes a lot easier and quicker.

When you meet your potential client, understand the requirements clearly and based on that present two or three options only which best matches the brief. This is not confusing anymore and the decision can be made without much deliberation. This really helps when the potential client suffers from indecisiveness.

Let the Client Choose

After you have presented the options you think are best, you should let the client decide on his own. You should not push the client towards any one option. This gives a sense of determination and control to the client and he feels empowered. You can encourage the client to clear any doubts they may have regarding the choices but don’t try to influence his choice. Let the final decision rest with the prospective client.

Appreciate the Choice

After the client has decided which option to buy, you should appreciate the choice and compliment it. This makes the client feel good and gives a positive start to the process. When the store sales person compliments you for making a good decision saying the shirt will look good on you – it does make you feel good. You should not say anything negative about the choice. You know that the options are not too different, so both are good since you have chosen them. Still, you should let the client feel that he or she has taken the decision on his own and that is the right decision.

One of the most important requirements of being a successful sales person is understanding the mind of the potential buyer. Giving fewer options, letting the client decide and complimenting the choice are all aspects of this valuable sales strategy.