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How to Handle Cold Calling and Make It Productive?

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How to Handle Cold Calling and Make It Productive?

Almost every salesperson feels an aversion or apprehension about making cold calls.But you have to do it as a necessary part of your selling strategy. You have no idea who the person on the other end of the line is, what is his attitude, how will he or she react to your call – all these concerns could be making you uneasy.

Tips to Help You Make Productive Cold Calls

Before calling an unknown prospective buyer, you have to take it for granted that your call may not be received well – you may not be able to reach the prospective client through most of the calls.

The following tips can help you to get over the initial uneasy feeling and deal with cold calling confidently so that your percentage of conversion can go up significantly.

  • Determine Your Goals Before Calling
  • Before you start calling a prospect you should have a goal in mind – what do you want from the call. This strategy should be based on the level of engagement you are at with the person you are calling. If it is an aged lead with whom you had connected a long time back, your approach will be different than when you are calling a totally new lead. Your aim could be to set up an appointment or increase the prospect’s interest.

  • Start with an Effective Introduction
  • The introduction and first few lines are a vital aspect of cold calls – it can make the call go forward or end the call there. Salespeople should avoid trying to camouflage the fact that it is a sales call without making it too obvious. You should also try to give the call a personal touch. You should ask pertinent questions and listen to the prospective client. Don’t rush in with the information all at once – give the person time to think and process it. Try to establish a connection with the prospect.

  • Use of Confident and Positive Language
  • When making a cold call, it is best to speak confidently and use positive language. Encourage the prospective clients to understand the advantages of buying the product and gently convince them towards taking the next step. You should not give the prospect any opportunity to have any doubts regarding the product.

  • Have a Conversation Plan
  • Before making a call, you can create a general guide to follow during the conversation. It should have the important points listed in a systematic manner. This will help you to convey all your information or all that you have to say. You might not get another chance.

  • Practising the Plan
  • It is not enough to have a plan only – you have to actually practise the conversation saying it aloud. Having a mock conversation with someone can be very beneficial.

  • Analyse Your Calls and Prepare Responses

  • While practising the conversation, come up with all the possible questions or objections that can come from prospective clients during cold calls. You have to prepare the appropriate responses you will give. A good way to prepare is to take notes from previous calls.

  • Organize Call List and Focussed Calling
  • Needless to say, it takes many calls to reach an interested prospect. So, you need to have a strong and long list of numbers to call. Also, you should have a focussed system of calling which you have to stick to religiously. However, you should not tire yourself by calling all day – this way you will lose the energy and your calls will become monotonous.

Patience and a positive attitude are going to take you through the slightly intimidating job of cold calling and produce the desired results.