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How to Connect and Engage with the Modern Savvy Buyer?

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How to Connect and Engage with the Modern Savvy Buyer

As a sales person or marketer, your focus is always on increasing sales and reaching the target.You have to be on the top of your game to achieve that. There are a host of systems, processes, strategies which help you along the way – CRM is among the top on that list of sales boosters.

What is CRM

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a technology-based system which manages your present and potential customer data. Contacts, leads, connections, referrals – all these are the lifeline of your sales business.To reach a single sale you have to go through a huge number of leads or referrals. The potential customer database needs to be visited and revisited regularly to keep in touch with the prospects, convince them and steer them towards a sale. The CRM system manages all the information pertaining to the present customers and prospective customers and also the contacts and referrals related to them. This huge repertoire of information needs to be organized and systematic in order to be able to use every opportunity – CRM does this for a business.

CRM is a valuable resource for sales people but, it can also prove equally beneficial for managing data related to suppliers, recruitment, business development, marketing campaigns etc.

Advantages of Having an Efficient CRM System

  • CRMs Help to Organize Data
  • Writing down names and numbers in a notebook or computer can result in those getting lost which means opportunities getting lost. CRM lets you organize your customer data systematically along with all relevant information about contacts made, responses, any specific information etc. CRMs will also generate lists and groups as per your requirement which makes sorting so much easier.

  • CRMs Help to Track Your Activity
  • With hundreds of contacts and prospective clients, it is not possible to keep track of every meeting and its details. CRMs let you record actions that were taken from your side as well – any notes for future reference, when to follow-up, things to remember at the next meeting and these kinds of things. So, it helps you to reconnect with a prospect after a time gap and pick up from where you left.

  • CRMs Help to Keep You on Track
  • When everything is organized and you have it in front of you – it helps to stay focused, you know what to do exactly. By using CRM, you can make lists of clients or prospects based on a particular criterion and proceed accordingly. You can organize your jobs based on priority so that you don’t miss important follow-ups while being engaged in some not-so important work.

  • CRMs Increase Efficiency
  • CRMs handles many repetitive jobs like sending out customary emails, text messages, online posts etc. This automatic process makes the whole thing very efficient and again minimizes lost opportunities. This saves time and resources which can be used for other things.

  • CRMs Help to Establish Patters
  • As mentioned earlier, CRMs organize the data systematically – so you can discover common features of prospects in a particular group or area. This knowledge is helpful in formulating plans and specific strategies. This focused approach will surely help to serve the clients more efficiently and also help to drive up sales.

  • CRMs Help to Train the Sales Process
  • When you record client responses in your CRM system, it helps to prepare you for future interactions with other clients. You can learn from the responses and objections raised by prospective clients – how to handle them now and in future. Based on customer preferences, you can design your sales pitch or your product to attract the potential customer later.

  • CRMs Help to Document Your Progress
  • Keeping a record of your progress throughout the year is vital for reaching the targets and setting newer goals.You can feed your growth patterns into the CRM and thereby keep yourself motivated.

  • CRMs Helps to Utilize Aged Leads
  • Leads keep pouring in everyday – CRM system arranges them systematically. It reminds you about forgotten leads or aged leads which still hold potential. Without the CRM reminder, it can slip your mind and again result in loss of a probable sale.

You need to set up a solid, efficient CRM system which is best suited to your line of business. When you exploit every opportunity, contact or referral efficiently, your sales are bound to increase.