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How to Avoid Negative Sales Practices?

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How to Avoid Negative Sales Practices?

You have set your sales targets, you are motivated to sell, and you have your sales strategies – even if everything seems right your sales are not rising.There could be several reasons for low sale numbers but the most significant could be faulty sales pitches or related practices.

Arising from your over-enthusiasm to sell and insecurity about reaching the numbers, you could be adopting some habits or behaviors that are detrimental to closed deals. Once you realize which of the following has crept into your sales process, you can eliminate the same and adopt the positive and productive practices.

  • Not letting the client talk, not listening to the client

  • Inability to understand the client’s requirements clearly

  • Rushing the process to close the deal

  • Getting distracted while discussing the deal

  • Making the terms and the process too complicated for the client to understand

  • Committing to every want of the client irrespective of your ability to fulfill it

  • Losing track of your sales and mismanagement due to over-selling

  • Getting too involved with technological issues and wasting time and money on them

Positive Sales Elements

So, before going through the positive steps you should practice to increase your sales, you should understand the elements of a good sales process which ultimately leads to a closed deal.

  • Numerous levels of discussions

  • Patient attitude

  • Building reliability and trust

  • Timing every move correctly

  • Being consistent and focused

Positive Sales Practices to Increase Closures

Here are some ways which you can incorporate into your process of working through a deal and thereby closing it.

  • You should listen to the client first and understand his or her needs and wishes

  • You should ask relevant questions at the right time to better understand the client’s requirements

  • Don’t try to commit to everything and anything the client wants

  • Keep it simple for the client to understand clearly, should not make the process, terms etc. too complicated

  • You cannot lose focus during the talks and get distracted by other issues

  • You must give the client time to process the information and not rush through the talks

  • You should not sound too persuasive and be in a hurry to close the deal

  • Keep your sale numbers within a manageable range