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Winning Tips To Find Prospects


As an insurance agent, you know it very well that how challenging it is to find eligible prospects. Finding out good prospects and influencing them to purchase your products and services are not only time-taking but sometimes uncreative too. Here, at, we have compiled some winning tips to find prospects.

If you are keen to make the most out of the time you spend for prospecting, read these tips. These winning tips to find prospects will also help you close more sales than ever before. Read the winning tips to find prospects; apply them and see the difference.

  • Keep an hour every day for prospecting - motivate yourself and keep the time fixed. Consider it as the main concern
  • Make as many calls as you can - the more calls you can make, the more opportunities of transferring the prospects into your customers
  • Maintain calls' brief - always remember not to sell over phone call. Call the prospects to fix an appointment. Try to close the sale while visiting them
  • Make a list of prospects along with their numbers prior to calling - it would help you to contribute entire time for calling - not for looking for names and phone numbers. Always keep at least one-month supply available to keep the process uninterrupted.
  • Avoid interruptions - keep your prospecting time non-negotiable. Don't take any other call or join a meeting during this particular period of time. The more you will do this, the better it is for you.
  • If you think usual prospecting time does not work good, call during off-peak times - try to know when your prospects are free to talk; call them during that time. Don't waste time by calling while you know that they are not available.
  • Keep on changing your prospecting time - it will help you reaching more clients
  • Get planned - maintain thorough notes and keep them properly in a computerized prospect-contact system. Keep on updating them frequently. Keep a track of follow-up times and contact details
  • Visualize and target your goal and plan accordingly - understanding where you are standing and what your goal is, and how long you have moved to reach your target will help you being motivated
  • Don't ever loose your patience - patience is the ultimate thing to get success. Eligible prospects will watch your determination and appreciate you firmness and consequently you will get their appointments.

Getting new clients is not impossible. Try these winning tips to find prospects. Your insurance career will soar.

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