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Use The Power Of Advertisement


In today's fast and competitive society, business persons are depending on the power of marketing. They use the power of advertisement to raise their brand recognition and their business among common people.

As an insurance agent, to let you make the best decisions for your business, will recognize the most useful types of advertising and evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of every of them to let you decide which type of advertisement suits you the best.

Get Started

Irrespective of the form of advertising, you can use the power of marketing. All you need is to have a strong hold on the market you wish to target.

You should have answers of the following questions:

  • What products or services do you need to advertise? Medical insurance? Auto insurance or financial planning?
  • What age groups do you wish to sell your products to? Senior people? Youth?
  • What kind of customers you look for? Customers with small claims?

Understanding the issues will let you make wiser decisions while purchasing advertising niches.

Television Advertisement

Most of the businesses wish to advertise on TV according to the study conducted by A.C. Nielsen Company. As per them, average Americans watch television for about four hours a day.

Other benefits of TV advertising are as follows:

  • Capable of reaching greater and much diverse audience
  • Target markets can be reached by virtue of appropriate ad posting
  • Greater chances for ingenuity. Moreover, it has capability to add in sound, scene, color and motion to attract customers
  • Provides products near-instant strength and status

Due to these important advantages, TV is much costlier medium of advertising. A slot during prime hours can cost up to 30 times more than a radio slot during the same hours.

Along with the cost of purchasing a TV slot, the other drawbacks of TV advertising may include:

  • Expense of appointing an advertising agency to arrange and shoot the commercials
  • Expense of broadcasting the ad several times
  • Audience always expect interesting, attractive and good quality ads; therefore, anything less can basically harm your purpose
  • Competition for audience's interest among other issues in their environment

However, in spite of these disadvantages, if you have financial capacity to broadcast your commercials on television, you can always go for it.

Because of complicated nature of TV commercials, you may need to deal with or appoint an agency or professional to assist you. He will look after the creativity of your ad, mention programs between which your commercial will be run and assist you to decide whether you should opt for broadcast TV or cable TV.

When considering showing commercials on TV, recommends you to shop around to get the best possible and affordable for you and your business.

Print Media Advertisement

When considering printing commercials, newspaper is the best means of advertising your business. Since, almost every household get a newspaper via an individual subscription or newsstand, you can think about newspaper to use the power of advertisement for gaining customer recognition.

Other benefits of newspaper advertisement may include:

  • Capacity of reaching more diverse demographics by posting ads on different segments of newspaper
  • Readers like to see commercials on newspaper; some even search for them
  • Wide array of ad sizes to match up with different financial capacities and requirements

Drawbacks of newspaper advertising may include:

  • Newspapers are normally read once and then disposed of
  • Every ad has to contend with other ads on the newspaper to grab readers' attention
  • Poor-quality printing may deform graphics and images in an adverse manner

Before sorting the ads you wish to print on newspaper, have a keen look at the pros and cons of newspaper advertising.

For showing commercials on television, you may have to hire an ad agency or a copywriter to assist you designing them. But, in case of newspaper advertising, the ad section of the respective newspaper may tell you that they can make the format of the ad for you or to set the ad on a pre-formatted template. would suggest you not to go for such options, since such pre-packaged ads are not eye catching and therefore will not help you getting new customers. It is suggested to hire an outside company to assist you to posting an ad on newspaper.

A newspaper spot is usually sold by inch and column, generally referred as 'inch rate'. Inch rate may vary from newspaper to newspaper. Therefore, you need to shop around before making any final decision.

Considering the inch rate, you may decide the ad size for your business. Calculate the length and width of an ad posted on a local newspaper; if it is three columns across and six inches down, then it is an eighteen inch ad. Now multiply the ad size by inch rate to have an idea about how much your ad can cost.

Other important tips to keep in mind:

  • Since the rate of newspaper circulation is higher on Sunday than other days of a week, you have to pay higher to publish your commercial on Sundays
  • Always mention the section of newspaper in which you wish to publish your ad
  • Keep the content simple short and illustrative
  • Always provide an ultimate approval prior to run the ad

Outdoor Advertisement

Since outdoor advertisements are normally restricted to big signs and billboards, today's businesses have extended this type of advertising by comprising electronic signs, benches and public transportation means. It is gaining more fame as a reasonably priced way of advertising. Such advertisements are not voluntary to the customers.

Other benefits of an outdoor advertisement:

  • People can not dispose of or turn off such advertisement and that results in gaining genuine 'captured consumers'
  • Frequency is effortlessly gained by people walking or driving by the ads regularly
  • Proven to enhance the efficiency of other forms of ads like print ads

Genuinely successful outdoor advertisements utilize the power of bright colors, plain backgrounds and concise text.

Other drawbacks of outdoor advertisement may include:

  • Such form of advertisement can capture only few moments of consumers' attention
  • Text must be brief as well as attractive to correspond with consumers in those fleeting moments
  • Such ads can be normally bought in 3-month chunks and that may not be useful for short-term advertising requirements

With print and electronic ads, you need to deal with or hire an outside ad company to assist you establishing a campaign that best fits your business and the products and services you offer.

Start Enhancing Your Brand Recognition

Use the power of advertisement to enhancing your brand recognition. But, you have to understand the pros and cons of advertising your business to lower the risks of utilizing any of the above-mentioned mediums. You need to try out with them to choose the best for you and your business.

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