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Pay Attention To Customer Emails


According to a study conducted by Hornstein and Associates, only 50% companies pay attention to customer emails and bother to reply, as of 2007. It was 86% in 2002. Hornstein and Associates also revealed that only 33% of the leading companies attained to customer's emails within 24 hours, which was 63% in 2002.

The study on response to customer emails was conducted on 49 leading firms like Apple, Toyota, Wal-Mart and Starbucks. The firms were chosen from the Fortune's list of most appreciated firms. This is a great challenge for the big companies as well as the smaller ones and agencies to pay attention to customer emails.

However, size of the company is not the matter. According to the CT based marketing company the main challenge is organization, not their busy agendas. As per them, we have got the proper infrastructure and the most advanced technology. We don't have the proper strategy on how to pay attention to customer emails or how to respond to them. The companies are spending millions of dollars for advertising in place of customer service.

The companies often forget that good relationship with the customers is the base of long term branding. Responding to the prospective clients' requirements, being in touch with current customers, timeline of your reply, all of them are counted for proper marketing and long term branding. provides you with some useful tips on how to properly pay attention to customer emails as well as how to tackle them efficiently.

  • Keep email notification turned off - Sudden email notification that pops up from the corner of your computer screen is really bothering; it distracts you from your work. Turn off email alerts and send the insurance leads to a lead management tool. Now, check your emails as per your convenience.
  • Call your prospects or clients after an email has got at least three messages - It's a great option for the internal emails. It will let you finish your work at hand and then respond to customer emails.
  • Take fast action - Whether delegate, ignore, respond, file or erase, but do something required whenever you see a new message. Otherwise, your inbox will be flooded with emails.
  • Include your prospect and customer emails to your regular to-do list - It is a great way to pay attention to customer emails and to ensure that they are not neglected.
  • Tell your friends and relatives not to send emails to your official email account - It will help you cutting down on the clutter.
  • Open separate email account for your customers - Check the inbox regularly in the morning and in the evening before going to home.
  • Hire professional to manage your emails - Hire someone who will look after your customer emails.

Following the tips will help you to pay attention to customer emails effectively; after all reputation of your brand depends on your customer relationship.

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