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Marketing Insurance To Women Over 50


Today's woman, who are over 50, face some distinctive challenges regarding finance, insurance and retirement.

These days, more women are outliving their partners than ever before; they eke out living during later years, significance of financial planning and sufficient insurance coverage have become so obvious.

Marketing insurance to women over 50 will let you boost your insurance business. This huge group of mature women will provide you a chance to become a successful insurance agent. However, you have to provide an excellent service to such clients in return.

  • A Different Outlook

To marketing insurance to women over 50 or female baby boomers, you have to think the way they think.

What things make them worried and why?

After you have understood the challenges they face, customizing a distinctive attitude to marketing insurance to women over 50 becomes much simpler. has studied and presented some other issues along with those lines that the female baby boomers are facing.

  • Steady Income

Due to their long life, the women from this group should have ways to elongate their earnings over a longer period of time. For steady and sustained earnings, proper maintenance of resource and property along with proper planning is inevitable.

Insurance is an obvious part of women over 50. Because of their husband's death, they have to look after themselves. Therefore, they need enough funds to continue supporting themselves. Besides, they need money for any medical bill or burial expenditures happened when their husbands pass away.

  • Poverty

These days, over 50% widows more than 75 are living in sheer poverty.

Most of them never opted for a job or did not work that longer that they can get the maximum benefits of Social Security.

Many of them have almost no or very little savings - sometimes even fewer than half of the amount their husbands accumulated.

  • Estate Arrangement

Female baby boomers should be financially prepared to bear with the debts their spouses have left behind.

Besides they should plan and manage their own issues including insurance, wills, and inheritances, charitable contributions that they wish to be paid through their estate even after their death.

As an insurance expert, you can help them tackling the issues including proper estate planning so that they can get a secured and well-off life. This is a golden chance to marketing insurance to women over 50.

  • Individual Savings

To carry on a specific lifestyle, female baby boomers should build and keep up savings.

Personal savings is consisted of savings accounts along with or without life insurance.

After setting aside, they should take care of their savings especially regarding Medicaid, Medicare and Social Security.

They will need this savings in the later days.

  • Change The Method

You have to keep in mind that women think differently than the men. Therefore, you have to approach and treat them differently. This is one of the key factors behind marketing insurance to women over 50.

Once you recognize the challenges the women face with growing age, you can apply following points to target mature females with your services and insurance products.

  • Be compassionate
  • Be suggestive
  • Edify

Women over 50 do not like forceful sales techniques. They take more time to share information prior to taking an ultimate decision.

However, if you are a good listener and can provide useful advice and edify them about their options. Following these, you can gain their faith as well as their business.

  • Place Yourself Properly

Word-of-mouth recommendations, seminars and good relationships are the best techniques for marketing insurance to women over 50.

Funding seminars with help of associations like employers, churches and country clubs will let you have the attention of women over 50. As a speaker, you can customize your speech as per the requirements of the market as well as informing attendees about your products.

But, always remember that your target is to educate not sell. This attitude will let you earn their admiration and business.

This group of women are very much trusty. Once you can build relationship with them and be compassionate with them while providing assistance, services and your products they require, referrals are commonplace for you.

It can be a priceless source for your career as an insurance agent.

  • Easing Challenges and Grabbing Opportunities

Since, female baby boomers have seen their parents struggling with inflation, financial crisis, health crisis, these women look for security and information that can help them having a problem free future without financial challenges.

Equipped with appropriate attitude, method and marketing techniques, you can make use of chances to grow your business as well as marketing insurance to women over 50.

Just step in, utilize your skill and assist this group of women easing their challenges.

You simply need a different outlook.

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