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Make Your Insurance Sales Resume Noticed


Some useful tips that can make your insurance sales resume noticed and build a strong insurance career, as well:

  • Make it error-free: While selling insurance, you need to be very attentive to all the details and clerical works. HR managers have to sort so many applications for a single position; so, they won't mind to consider even an omitted apostrophe to trim the fields. Hire someone who will check your resume for any error that you've overlooked.
  • Draw attention to your sales potential: Neither your alma mater nor your sales experience, only your sales potential can make your insurance sales resume noticed.
  • Quantify and highlight your success in number: Whenever possible, represent your testimonials in number - revenue earned, GPA (if more than 3.5), office rankings, quotas surpassed. Numeric adds higher level of authenticity than you tell.
  • Customize for scanability: HR managers look at the resumes for not more than 20 seconds, sometimes even lesser. So, make the foremost information visible. After getting the content on page, spend some minutes to scrutinize it.
  • Make your page content-stuffed: Even though you want to highlight the key points and fetch employer's attention, you should provide some materials to your resume that would bring the employers back to the resume for more. Do not remove any detail to make your resume short; since every detail provides more integrity and transparency to your resume.
  • Use standard typeface and pass up MS word templates: MS word templates are not so efficient, since they are overused. A personalized, may be not as much of professional resume is much better that readymade templates. On flip side, don't use any boutique typescript to make the resume prominent. Use any of the standard fonts like Time New Roman, Georgia and Times as serif font, and Verdana, Arial Gil Sans and Tahoma as non-serif.
  • Add pertinent achievements as well as additional curricular activities: Always include any extra curricular activities that prove your virtues like leadership, inventiveness, technical knowledge, social awareness, to your resume. Whether, you are a captain of a bowling team or teach under-privileged students, all these will add extra weight to your sales resume. These qualities will enhance your career as insurance agent.
  • Design more sales resume: There was time when resume was static. But, now the days are over. A good agent should customize his or her insurance sales resume according to the business culture and job requirements.
  • Print the resume on good quality stationery: It's always better to print your insurance sales resume on thick stationery than on paper.

Following these steps will help you make your insurance sales resume noticed. Because, to build a strong insurance career you have to make your insurance sales resume noticed.

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