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Make Use Of Direct Mails


Direct mails or 'saturation' mails are the latest and emergent medium of advertising your insurance business. You must make use of direct mails to enhance your business. It will help you gaining name recognition in your locality and getting new clients.

As per statistics, 65% of the mails we get are part of such mailing. If sent correctly, then direct mails can attract more customers. Therefore, make use of direct mails to raise your sales and continuing a stable stream of clients.

To help you make use of direct mails, we at have provided some useful tips collected from the veterans to give you a cheaper method to boost your insurance business.

Getting Contact Information

For most of the insurance agents, direct mails perfectly correspond with growing client base and retention. However, it's not so easy to get proper contact information for sending direct mails.

There are so many organizations which for a nominal fee will offer downloadable mailing list on the basis of demographics you choose. Most of the companies let you mention accurate locations, letting you to get required information by country, ZIP code and radius.

You can also buy your lists in a 'walk sequence'. It is a sequence in which carriers distribute the mails. Although it may not look like a meaningful buying, but presorted promotional mails deserve a considerable amount of rebate from U.S. Postal Service. Actually, such mailings get a postage of 12 cents which is lower from normal cost of first class postage. It's a significant amount of savings while you consider the expense of distributing thousands of promotional mails. So, you can definitely make use of direct mails.

Normally, all contacts are addressed to the 'Present Resident' by default. However, you can customize them for some extra costs. Veterans tell that this extra cost is meaningful since personalized mailings can engage greater number of prospects. The money you can save on postage should be spent on customizing your cards to every customer.

Designing Worthwhile Mails

Always remember that the key purpose of sending direct mails is to involve more and more customers and ignite their interest in the products and services you provide.

Attract receivers by offering 'free consultation' or 'free health insurance quotes' or asking questions such as, Does your car insurance cost you too high? Usage of statistics and graphics are also recommended to reach higher number of customers. If you add a piece for flood insurance, you can emphasize on top 3 issues that people must know about flood insurance and then add your agency's contact information along with location.

Your direct mails must make a solid impression on your prospects so that they immediately seek your products and services.

Make use of direct mails; you can design your very own mails using software such as Adobe Photo Shop Elements. However, most of the agents depend on outside companies like and for designing innovative, eye catchy and professional promotional mails.

Let Your Promotions Reach The Right People

You are capable of targeting your preferred locations while you order your contact info. As per an article published on Health Insurance Underwriter magazine, most of the customers reside within 5 miles of their insurance companies. Therefore, always remember this especially while ordering your list of prospects. If you send your promotional direct mails to the locations surrounding your office, it will enhance your name recognition in you locality.

After you have selected your preferred neighborhoods and have printed the mails, they need to be brought to the route delivery destination unit. It is a post office which basically distributes the mails to the preferred routes at the fastest. If you want to know more about delivery destination unit, you may contact your local post office.

Get Started ASAP!

Make use of direct mails, since this is the growing medium of marketing without any sort of competition. It will let you get noticed. By designing meaningful promotional mails for the customers, you can get new prospects and get rid of being considered as spam mail and disposed of with garbage.

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