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How To Ask For Referrals


Do you get nervous about asking for a referral? If it is so, then we can say that you are not alone, there are many like you. May be you are nervous because of your broken relationship with your existing client.

However, you should know that how to ask for referrals. Because of, if you can't provide referrals then you will miss the opportunity to a successful insurance career. As per a recent study, most of the respondents including insurance and investments veterans consider referrals as the key source of engendering business.

At BestInsLeads, we have gathered some tips from the professionals on how to ask for referrals. Following the tips will let you get strong hold on how to ask for referrals.

Understand your client's communicating manner

Try to turn into the clients' communicating manner; it would help you understand their broadness to your target of generating new business by means of referrals.

If your client is soft-spoken or shy about business dealings, you need to be honest to him. Tell him that his recommendation is very significant for your business that you want to develop further with clients like him. Tell him again about the advantages of services you offer. Also ask him if he knows someone who would be eager to get the same good quality service that he gets.

Substantiate your values

If you can't recognize your client's communicating style, then substantiate the values in you and your services by asking him about what does he think about you and your work in continuing a good and professional relationship.

If he is positive about you then carry on asking - as discussed above - if he knows anybody who may be benefited from the services you offer. However, if he is indifferent or negative about you then ask him cautiously and continue the same with him.

Make the maximum out of meetings

Whenever you have any personal or individual meeting with any of your clients, ask him for recommendations. And, definitely tell him about any update or alteration in your services or client-policy. Keep on repeating your success story and ask him for his friend or relative, who would be benefited from the service you provide. Note down names and contact details and get in touch with them.

Start with low-risk clients

Asking for recommendations needs lot of confidence and energy which you may not have initially. Therefore, start the process with clients who are soft-spoken and won't be harsh to you even if the business relationship is not so well. Once, you have collected few recommendations and gathered some confidence in you, go for medium-risk customers and carry on like this.

Thanks giving

Always do thank and show your gratefulness for the relationship and business as well. Keep on sending emails of appreciation, cards or gifts to your clients as the token of thanks. Let each of your present clients feel that he is your greatest precedence; and, it will help you getting referrals as well as developing your business.

It is also very important to give special thanks to the clients who have provided you referrals. You can either send a gift or just send a note of thankfulness. Otherwise, you can wait to see whether the referral turns into a client and then send a gift of gratitude. Continue thanking your clients to let them feel how much you are grateful for the referrals they have given.

Start getting personal recommendations

Although there are several ways for successfully gathering recommendations, but it completely depends on you which you will like the most. Don't let any referral go - follow the tips on how to ask for referrals and get more and more referrals, and try your best to add them to your clients' list.

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