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Get More Success With Insurance Leads


Since you are an insurance agent, you know it well that the prospects or leads you get compare your products and services with the same offered by other agents like you. Therefore, you need to know how to get more success with insurance leads.

To let you get more success with insurance leads and your referrals to work, we, at have provided some easy tips to assist you and write them a policy prior to your contenders.

Contact your leads at the soonest

It is quite possible that the first insurance agent who can contact the prospect is more likely to close the sale. So, it is necessary to contact your leads as early as you get it.

As an insurance agent you can get the success, if you can call the preferred lead at the first. If you can not get him in person then leave your message and do not miss mentioning your name, company's name, contact number and purpose of calling. Although, some insurance agents mention their quote in the message, but it is better if you just mention that the quotes are ready, in your message. It would tempt the client to contact you.

To stay active and competitive, along with making introductory call, you too have to send them email including information on yourself, your business and how beneficial your services are. It will let you get more success with insurance leads.

Don't quit, even if you can't contact the lead in any way. Try out every process to contact and reach your lead, but suavely and wisely. Always remember that you can not make a successful business relationship, if you can't set up contact.

Selling leads

After you have made contact with the prospect, you have to explain what the specialty of your service is and why it is superior to other. Following the below mentioned tips will let you turn the referral into a long-term client. Get more success with insurance leads.

Talk to the lead

Start talking to the lead; hit him with a solid sales pitch. Otherwise, ask him some unrestricted questions to know about their interests and insurance requirements. You can ask them about the best thing they like about their earlier insurance policy; or, what is their expectation from your service. After asking the questions, carefully listen to their answer.

Know the lead

Information you got about the lead after talking to your lead will help you know more about your prospective customer. You will know what factors (like, agent relationship, minimum price etc.) motivate their insurance-related decisions.

By knowing your prospect's target, motivations, requirements, etc. you can customize your service accordingly to meet their expectations. And, develop a long-term client-agent relationship.

Be acquainted with your products

You should be acquainted with your products, very well. You should know their strength and weakness, so that you can represent them to the prospects, in the best possible way. You should know everything about your products, so that the referrals can't tell anything that you don't know about the services or products. You should be ready to answer every question they might ask you. Be absolutely confident.

Show your zeal during conversation

Show your zeal and passion for your work and your products during conversation. Customers always like agents who are lively confident and enthusiast. Proper attitude will help you close more and more sales. Your confidence, expertise and passion will insist them to trust you. And, as you know, clients like to purchase from agents they like; they trust.

Tackle objections wisely and gracefully

Tackle your referral's objections wisely without taking the stress of selling insurance. As an insurance agent, you should understand your client's problem and then try your best to solve it properly. Instead, selling policy, focus on how your products can help them and let them save dollars.

Offer guaranteed incentives

Customers always love to get incentives and bargains. Therefore, ensure them incentives and bargains as much as you can. It will also let them think that they are going to make a good deal through you.

Spread out your insurance business

Selling policies need lot of drive, determination and intelligence. Following the tips will help you to get more success with insurance leads. We, at have gathered best ideas from leading insurance veterans and combined them well before serving you. Learn from the tips and spread out your business successfully.

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