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"QHI is responsive to its clients and provides at reasonable cost some of the best Long-Term Care leads in the business, widely known to be a niche business and thus difficult lead source." Ken R.

"I am a licensed broker in the great state of NH, and have used this company's leads for over a year now. The leads have been great for me and my business as most of them are warm leads and welcoming to my services. I am more than satisfied with what this company brings to the table. Thank you and keep up the good work." - A Broker in NH

"I have been buying leads from them for almost 7 years and the quality of the leads is by far the best compared to any other lead company." - George I.

"This is a reliable lead source" - Steve V, General Agent

"Don't be confused by the name of the company - medigap leads are also good." - John M, Independent Agent

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"This is a reliable lead source" - Steve V, General Agent

"Don't be confused by the name of the company - medigap leads are also good." - John M, Independent Agent

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